Self Adhesive UK Front Number Plate (show plate)

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UK front number plate produced using the correct legal font, sizing and spacing.

Please note these plates are not approved or legal for road use so are sold as show plates only - if you intend to use them fitted to your vehicle on the road then you do so at your own risk!

Available in three sizes - all font sizes and spacing is scaled down accordingly:

  • UK official size - 520mm x 111mm
  • 3/4 (75%) size - 390mm x 83mm
  • 2/3rds (66%) size - 346mm x 74mm
  • Half size - 260mm x 55.5mm
  • Mini size - 200mm x 42mm

The plates are cut from premium Oracal white reflective vinyl with gloss black lettering overlaid on top, the black lettering is cut from long-life external grade vinyl. 

Supplied with a clear transfer tape layer which can easily be peeled and stuck to the car.  The wet application (soapy water & squeegee) method is highly recommended for easy positioning, however you can dry-fit if preferred.

If you require a custom size please contact us.  Please note there is a small additional charge for this service.