Heater Control Panel replacement

Regular price £8.99

Carefully engineered for ease of application and longevity - these high-quality heater control panel replacements are designed to fit directly over worn, faded or stained heater controls...no need to remove the old one first!

Available in a range of colours including aluminium* silver (which is a near-pefect match for the aluminium interior) and over-laminated in a lovely silk covering.  The extra thickness makes handling and fitting extremely easy, and you can peel back to refit if you get it wrong.

Why not pair one with our STACK surrounds for a real customised look?  If you order at the same time we'll make sure the colour match is spot-on.

Get in touch if you'd like to enquire about a different colour or gloss finish.

* We have three different versions of the aluminium finish - all use the same base colour but the lamination is different. The "metallic" version is more vibrant and retains the metallic flake in a silky-matt finish, whilst the "flat" version dulls the metallic flake and gives a more matt-like finish.  The "flat" version is more similar to the interior aluminium finish in the car.  The "high-gloss" version gives a rich, silvery finish with a high-gloss sheen.