LOTUS "Victory" wheel decal / mask

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The LOTUS logo on the S1 Elise is different to other styles of the logo.  Our version faithfully recreates the logo both in style and size.  The decals are painted onto the alloy wheels and can wear over time, so these are a perfect replacement.

We can also supply these as an inverse (cut-out) decal, which can be used as a painting mask when refurbishing your wheels - thus restoring originality after a refurb.

Available in multiple colours and finishes.  Please note the cut-out version is supplied in a special paint-masking vinyl, you must choose these options to order. 

Additional masking will be required before use.

Size approx 58mm (W) x 12mm (H).  Supplied individually.

If you require a different colour to those listed, please just ask.

Please note these are NOT original stickers and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original design.  Images are for illustration purposes only.